Private Client Portal

Clients require privacy and security.  We understand.

Our online system, Clio,  works closely with trusted third-party leaders in data security to rigorously ensure your information is secure. This kind of protection offers enhanced security over that found in a typical professional office and allows us to securely share documents with you, such as sensitive information and corporate records.  Access your important documents when needed.  If you’re a client and want Private Client Portal access, email us to request setup.

Pay an Invoice

Hughes Law likes to save some paper and a stamp or two. 

We’ve made it very convenient to pay your bill online.  Just fill out our simple payment form with your invoice number and credit card information.  This option is protected with bank grade security.

Trust Payment (Advance Deposit)

A trust account is the client's money until earned by the attorney.

We do not desire clients become our debtors.  We normally issue a trust request (ask for an advance deposit) along with a fee agreement signed by the client.  To make your trust payment, just fill out our easy payment form with your credit card information. This option is protected with bank grade security.